How To Make Your Blog Pinterest Ready And Get More Traffic Using SEO Keywords

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Hello, my friends!! Today we're going to talk a little bit about SEO, how to make your blog Pinterest friendly (and just about every other platform) and how you can get the most traffic to your blog when you implement these techniques to your posts. Let's get started!

What is SEO? Why is it so important for my blog?

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting traffic to your blog from search engines such as Google. It basically means that you use specific keywords throughout your blog so that when your audience searches for something your blog will be one of the top choices. This is the number one way to grow your blog organically. 

Using the right keywords throughout your blog posts and titles is a sure way to get your blog noticed by millions of searchers worldwide. For example, if you are a food blogger you might want to add words like 'quick, easy, simple' through out your blog if you are sharing an easy dish to make. Whatever it is you are sharing make sure to add as many keywords as you possibly can without over repeating yourself and sounding like a broken record. 

How and where to add keywords:

Like I mentioned above, add keywords just about anywhere you can. You want to have a catchy title but, you can't forget about your keywords. Think about what your readers are searching for. Head over to your search engine of choice and start searching for blog topics on your niche that will give you an idea of what people are searching for. 

Here's an example:

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Now, here's the tip you've been waiting for!

Ok, by now I am sure you all know that you need to use bright color images, catchy titles, and long vertical images on Pinterest right? Well, what about when you share your posts and forget to write a description? Ever noticed that when you share any image onto Pinterest the image name will pop up? Well, the days of 0001111.jpeg are behind you my friend! You are now going to change EVERY image name before uploading to your blog posts.

Do you ever search for 0001111.jpeg? Do you think any of your readers ever do? NO! Of course not! You see, SEO keywords are to be added in EVERY little corner of your blog and blogposts. THIS is how you are going to be found on Pinterest and on any search engine. 

This is also a way to get better descriptions when your readers share your blog posts. Instead of it being blank or having 948384899.jpeg as a description you now have full control of what that description will say. Sometimes we are in such a hurry that we forget to change our pin descriptions so, that means your readers sometimes forget as well (or don't even think about doing so). Now, you have made things easy for them and especially yourself. Your blog will grow organically and tremendously by using SEO keywords properly. 

That is it! A simple tip like that will change the way your blog gets traffic. So, go ahead and rename all of the images on past blog posts and watch your blog grow organically! 


Thanks for stopping by! XO, Vidi


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100+ Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

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We all hit a roadblock when it comes to coming up with new topics to write about. It's totally normal! Even those big time bloggers you look up too have a hard time. Hey! We're all human right?? Well, I wanna share with you 100+ blog post ideas that you can incorporate to your blog whether you write about beauty, fashion, travel or blogging I have a little bit for everyone! 

This is for those who need a little inspiration! All you have to do is fill in the blanks and maybe give your own spin of words. 

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100+ blog post ideas for every blogger in any niche

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A FREE list for ANY blogger in need of some inspiration! Just fill in the blanks!

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How To Explode Your Blog's Revenue In 5 Simple Steps

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So, you want to grow your small hobby blog into a business blog? Well, today we are going to talk about the five simple steps you can take to make sure you get the most out of your blog and potentially explode your blog's revenue. Bloggers make money through ads, affiliate links, and sponsorships but, if you want to take your income to the next level you'll want to start creating your own products! 

Email list

First and foremost you will want to create an email list.Why? Because that is going to be the easiest and quickest way you will communicate with your readers. Once you start getting subscribers you will want to talk to your readers by sending frequent emails and start growing trust.

There are many email providers out there and you want to look at your budget and try to chose what's best for you! But, I really recommend ConvertKit because it was made by a blogger for bloggers so it's a service that really understands all of your needs. It is so easy to use and only costs $29/month. If you have just started out you may think that $29/month is a bit much but trust me when it comes to growing your email list you are going to want to invest in it because I know it will pay off in the end!

Just think about Twitter or Instagram crashing, how are you going to connect with your audience? You want to make sure you have a good email provider to send your readers updates without worrying about another website crashing. 


Let's grow that passion of yours into a business together!

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Create a product

Start creating your product. This can be an e-course, e-book, workbook, video series, etc... Whatever you create though you will want to share your best content. If you have a passion about something then I recommend you spend some time and try to turn it into something you can sell to your readers. Don't just throw something together and try to sell it because you won't get the results you're looking for! You need to really sit down and think about what it is you want to sell and how you can turn that into either an online product or a tangible product. 

Self Promo ALERT!!! : If you're looking to grow your Social Media presence and also grow your blog then you'll want to check out The Blogger's Social Media Workbook. I share tips and tricks on how you can grow your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope accounts! I also share how you can take your Pinterest account to the next level and start growing that awesome blog of yours! 

Right now, you can get The Blogger's Social Media Workbook for only $7!!! An amazing deal for amazing information!!



Promote your product to your social media platform of choice. I personally enjoy using Twitter because I can share it with my followers and also promote it on 'retweet' pages getting more eyes on my tweet, therefore, more traffic to my product(s). Choose a couple of platforms and promote, promote, promote!

You can purchase ads but, I suggest self-promoting for a while and if you absolutely need too then move on to paid ads. Focus on promoting on your social media platform(s) of choice and also on your blog! Write blog posts and incorporate your product into your blog.

Share it on Pinterest

Share the heck out of it on Pinterest. Share it on your own profile and also on group boards. This doesn't mean spam Pinterest Group Boards with your product but seriously share it as much as you possibly can. Make sure to use keywords and titles that stand out! Oh, and don't forget about the images you will want to create images that pop! 

Don't be afraid to ask your audience to share your product

Don't be afraid to ask your buyers or audience that share your product to their friends and family. Maybe offer them an affiliate link or a freebie and make sure to thank them if they do so! You can send them emails asking them to share or ask them on social media. Whatever route you choose you need to make sure to be professional and to thank them for sharing your product(s).  



Well, I hope you're brainstorming right now and are thinking of how you can start making money with your blog today! 

Thanks for stopping by XO VIDI!


Let's grow that passion of yours into a business together!

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How Many Posts Does A Blogger Really Need Before Promoting Their Blog?

how many blog posts does a blogger need before promoting their website

Hey there my friends! Hope all is well! Today I want to talk about how many posts a blogger needs before promoting their own blog. If you're a newbie blogger trying to wrap your mind around writing loads of content to share then stop, breathe, and read this because you're probably stressing yourself out about "numbers". 


Let's jump right into the secret sauce! 

Well, let's get real here: there is no secret sauce!!! You see you don't need to focus on churning out a bunch of blog posts at once before promoting because even if that content is not the best no one is going to stick around! Just focus on writing the best content you can create and go from there. 


Let's grow that passion of yours into a business together!

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Yes, you can start with one (and that may be all you need)  

when to start promoting a blog

Seriously! Just start! Start typing away and finally begin your blog or first post. Make sure that wether you only have one or twenty posts to include the best content you can offer. So, ok let's just say you have one good blog post and are scared to share it because you think you need multiple blog posts. But, who's to say that that one blog post isn't going to go viral!? I mean, can't a new reader stop by and like what they see and then come back for more??  


But, I want my readers to stick around . . .   

I get it! Sometimes you want to offer more upfront but, if you can only come up with one post at the time why not go ahead and share it and let them know "Hey, this blog will include XYZ and I can't wait for you to read more!" You're already telling your reader what your blog will include and are asking them to come back. You could include a sign up form or a blogging schedule. That way your readers will know that you mean business! 

So, if you're staring at your screen right now wondering when you should start that answer is: NOW.

You just need to create the best blog post you can and share it with the world! Start writing one and then the rest will come to you and you'll have a full blog in no time!

BONUS TIP: Start creating an email list even if you have one blog post!


The number one thing you need to focus on other than your post is that email list! You'll want to start your email list even if you only have a small audience because that will be your best way of communication with your followers! What if every social media site crashes? You'll have your email list as a back up and will be able to share with your audience your new posts. What if you have a new product you want them to buy? You'll be able to send them emails promoting that new product! So, if you're going to be serious about blogging be serious from day one !! I currently use ConvertKit as my email provider and I love it! I will create a full, in-detail post about it soon. But it is one of the easiest email marketing tools I have used to date.  It does cost $30/month but, it is so worth it! Right now you can get 30 days free by using this link.


Thanks for stopping by! XO Vidi


Let's grow that passion of yours into a business together!

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how many blog posts does a blogger need before promoting their blog on social media
this post contains affiliate links