How To Explode Your Blog's Revenue In 5 Simple Steps

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So, you want to grow your small hobby blog into a business blog? Well, today we are going to talk about the five simple steps you can take to make sure you get the most out of your blog and potentially explode your blog's revenue. Bloggers make money through ads, affiliate links, and sponsorships but, if you want to take your income to the next level you'll want to start creating your own products! 

Email list

First and foremost you will want to create an email list.Why? Because that is going to be the easiest and quickest way you will communicate with your readers. Once you start getting subscribers you will want to talk to your readers by sending frequent emails and start growing trust.

There are many email providers out there and you want to look at your budget and try to chose what's best for you! But, I really recommend ConvertKit because it was made by a blogger for bloggers so it's a service that really understands all of your needs. It is so easy to use and only costs $29/month. If you have just started out you may think that $29/month is a bit much but trust me when it comes to growing your email list you are going to want to invest in it because I know it will pay off in the end!

Just think about Twitter or Instagram crashing, how are you going to connect with your audience? You want to make sure you have a good email provider to send your readers updates without worrying about another website crashing. 


Let's grow that passion of yours into a business together!

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Create a product

Start creating your product. This can be an e-course, e-book, workbook, video series, etc... Whatever you create though you will want to share your best content. If you have a passion about something then I recommend you spend some time and try to turn it into something you can sell to your readers. Don't just throw something together and try to sell it because you won't get the results you're looking for! You need to really sit down and think about what it is you want to sell and how you can turn that into either an online product or a tangible product. 

Self Promo ALERT!!! : If you're looking to grow your Social Media presence and also grow your blog then you'll want to check out The Blogger's Social Media Workbook. I share tips and tricks on how you can grow your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope accounts! I also share how you can take your Pinterest account to the next level and start growing that awesome blog of yours! 

Right now, you can get The Blogger's Social Media Workbook for only $7!!! An amazing deal for amazing information!!



Promote your product to your social media platform of choice. I personally enjoy using Twitter because I can share it with my followers and also promote it on 'retweet' pages getting more eyes on my tweet, therefore, more traffic to my product(s). Choose a couple of platforms and promote, promote, promote!

You can purchase ads but, I suggest self-promoting for a while and if you absolutely need too then move on to paid ads. Focus on promoting on your social media platform(s) of choice and also on your blog! Write blog posts and incorporate your product into your blog.

Share it on Pinterest

Share the heck out of it on Pinterest. Share it on your own profile and also on group boards. This doesn't mean spam Pinterest Group Boards with your product but seriously share it as much as you possibly can. Make sure to use keywords and titles that stand out! Oh, and don't forget about the images you will want to create images that pop! 

Don't be afraid to ask your audience to share your product

Don't be afraid to ask your buyers or audience that share your product to their friends and family. Maybe offer them an affiliate link or a freebie and make sure to thank them if they do so! You can send them emails asking them to share or ask them on social media. Whatever route you choose you need to make sure to be professional and to thank them for sharing your product(s).  



Well, I hope you're brainstorming right now and are thinking of how you can start making money with your blog today! 

Thanks for stopping by XO VIDI!


Let's grow that passion of yours into a business together!

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FaceHalo: The Modern Makeup Remover

face halo review

If you don't know who Chloe Morello is then where have you been?? Haha jk! But, seriously she is one of the top beauty youtubers that I have been watching and following for years!! Recently, she parterned with FaceHalo and has become the face of the brand. I have been very excited to try something like this since I have very sensitive skin. It claims to remove your makeup with just water! One step and done? Yes, please!! 

chloe morello face halo 3 pack

These face pads are meant to replace makeup remover wipes and are more environmentally friendly because one cloth can last up to 200+ wash cycles (crazy)! They're non toxic and each fiber is 100x finer than a human hair meaning it will get right into those pores and pull that gunk out girl!! See ya dirt!


chloe morello face halo review

Packaging: it comes mailed in a sealed bag and you pull the pads right out of the bag. I love how simple it is and you don't have to worry about trash here and there. #environmentallyfriendly lol! But, seriously some companies go over board with excessive packaging! So, a huge thank you to the company for keeping that in mind :)

Contents: You get three with your order meaning these little guys can last a year or more if washed once a day! 

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Before using: I recommend washing them before use. I didn't do that and I was left with pieces of lint all over my face (which is no big deal really just a quick side note). But, you also wanna make sure it is super clean since you are using it on the face.  

How it works: You literally run the cloth under some running water and wipe away! I was so amazed at the amount of makeup this little guy took off! Does it remove water proof mascara? Not sure since I don't use water proof but it sure as heck removed my Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Lip Color (which might at well be a real tattoo for the lips, read my review here). So, I am 99% positive it will remove any waterproof anything! 

Cleaning: The site claims you can throw it in the wash but, all I can think about is: acne and irritation. I know fabric softener causes acne (side note: don't use fabric softener when washing your pillow cases) and I know you could wash them with your towels but there's still something about that that I don't trust haha! And if you have sensitive skin you may not want to throw these in with your dirty laundry! What you'll wanna do is use soap/handwash them. I use Dr Bronners and hang dry them. 

facehalo review

Price: $22 for a pack of 3!! And free shipping (US only)! One heck of a deal.  This is definitely a great product to buy if you're on a budget and are environmentally conscious because you don't have to worry about purchasing makeup remover wipes every month! And you're creating less mess in the world! 

The ladies at this company have seriously come through: environmentally friendly and affordable! I mean it doesn't get better than that!  

There you have it ladies and gents! Now tell me have you tried the Face Halo? What are your thoughts?  

Thanks for stopping by! XO, Vidi!  

chloe morello face halo modern makeup remover

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing (Even Without A Blog)

When we think of affiliate marketing we automatically assume that we need a blog to have affiliate links but that's not true at all. You can become an affiliate and share your links on most social media platforms. 


How affiliate marketing works

Once you have found a good company to become an affiliate with you will need to sign up for their affiliate program. You will then get a unique tracking link AKA affiliate link which you will then promote the affiliate link on the internet, wether it be your blog, pinterest or any social media site you would like. Finally, you will get a commission off of clicks or buys. 

how to make money with affiliate marketing


Affiliate links on blogs

When using affiliate marketing on blogs you direct the reader to another site where they can view/purchase the product. Sometimes you can get paid per click and/or by the reader purchasing the product.  Examples of affiliate links I have shared on my blog are: ThriveMarket. 

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Affiliate marketing without a blog  

I use shopstyle collective and they allow me to pin products on Pinterest without having to share it on my blog. All I do is share the product and when someone clicks on it I get a small commission but when someone buys the product I get a small percentage of the sale. There are many companies out there that offer affiliate links but since shopstyle offers fashion and beauty (main topics on my blog) I tend to stick with them. Amazon is another great company to become an affiliate with because they offer almost everything! 


affiliate marketing

Referral links

I like to think of referral links as affiliate links because you're offering your input on something and when someone uses your referral link you get paid for it.  For example, Ebates is a company that offers referral links. 

make extra money with affiliate marketing


All of these are great ways to make money even while you sleep! Or even when you're traveling!! How great is that?! All you have to do is do a bit of research and find the companies you would like to work with and start promoting those links! 

Thanks for stopping by! Xo, Vidi

Ways To Save Money Shopping Online


I have to admit that I love to shop but I am also a broke girl! haha! So, today I want to share with you how to save money while shopping online.


Google discount codes

This one is the most obvious but seriously, some of us forget to do a quick Google check for promos and coupons. 


Shop, add, and leave

What I mean by this is that you'll want to add items to your cart then leave the page. Some retailers will send you an email 'reminding' you of the items you left in your cart along with that email they will sometimes include a discount code. This one doesn't work 100% of the time and you also need to have an account with that certain retailer for it to work.


Pro Discounts

Many makeup brands offer a pro discount to those who qualify for it. Some brands ask you to pay a yearly fee and some are completely free to join. All you have to do is submit an application. Some brands offer 40% off which is insane!(Tarte Cosmetics is one of them).

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Sign up for memberships

A lot of stores now offer memberships at a small cost. Once signed up you get a certain amount off your total or per item. I love to do a lot of my shopping online and that includes food items. For example, I like to use Thrive Market to buy organic items at a discounted rate. 


Subscribe for newsletters

If you don't mind being flooded with emails then sign up for as many newsletters as possible. This is probably the quickest way to find out about new deals and discount codes to your favorite stores. Some stores even send better deals to customers who shop more at their online store.



This isn't a 'saving money' tip per say but, technically you're getting money back and so that's kinda like saving money right?? haha. Ebates is a great tool to use while shopping online. It's also fairly easy to use: you go to Ebates' website, click on the store you want to shop at, shop away, then you get money back. Every store offers different percents of cash backs so you'll have to check and see how much a store is offering at that time.  


Timing is everything

This one is perfect if you have the patience to wait until that item goes on sale. Most items will go on sale within a couple of months of coming out or when a new season is coming up. But, I'll admit this one is a little tricky because if you have your eye on a certain item and wait for it to go on sale you run the chances of it being sold out in your size.

Hope you learned some new ways to save money online! If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments section :)

Thanks for stopping by! XO, Vidi

ways to save money shopping online