Get To Know Me

Hey there!

Just wanted to share a few things about me. So here ya go!!! :


My name is Vidi and it is short for Viridiana.

I am a Mother to a sweet 7 year old boy!

My favorite color is purple.

I am obsessed with snickerdoodle cookies (or anything snickerdoodle really).

I live in Texas.

I am afraid of spiders. 

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I love Asian foods. 

I am extremely shy !!

I use 'lol' way too much when texting!

My favorite movie is 'Mean Girls' #sofetch (can we make that happen? lol).

My favorite store, other than Ulta of course, has to be any antiques store!

My hobbies include fishing and drawing. 


Share something about yourself down in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by! XO, Vidi


get to know me