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If you haven't heard already Walmart (select stores) has a new, very affordable beauty brand that hit shelves pretty recently. Lalafox Beauty is a beauty and skincare brand made in Korea! I have always wanted to test out some Korean makeup and was happy to find this at my local Walmart. This brand doesn't have a website nor is it available on so, unfortunately, if this isn't available at a store near you won't be able to test it out. You can follow them on instagram for updates though!

lalafox beauty korean drugstore brand found at walmart

My first thought of the brand was that it looked really sleek and I just fell in love with their name and logo. They don't offer a lot right now ( I assume more is to come in the future ) but, I did manage to pick up their 'second skin' foundation, 'air' primer, 'color fix' lipstick in Jin, and their 'touch up' volume mascara. They also offered face masks which came in a pack of 8, brow products, a cushion foundation, and lip tints. 

lalafox beauty air primer review

The Primer

Packaging: It's a squeeze tube and you get 30 ml or 1 fl oz. This is the only product that I saw that didn't have black packaging so it really stood out on the stand. 

Scent: It has a light perfume-y scent, you'll barely notice it. 

Color: This primer has a bit of color that matches the packaging but once applied it blends out clear.

Application: I applied the primer with my fingers first going in circular motion then patting the primer in. It has a silky finish that blurred out any fine lines on my face. 

Wear: It works great with their 'second skin' foundation. My makeup lasted all day long and looked better as the day went by. 

Price: This is available it select Walmarts for $10.

lalafox beauty second skin foundation

The Foundation

Packaging: I love the black packaging with white font. At first glance this looked like a stick foundation but it actually comes with a pump! You can find the name of the foundation on the top and bottom.  You get 30 ml or 1 fluid oz. 

Color: I chose 'rosy ivory' which is exactly what it sounds like - a pink undertone color. The color is not overly pink though it really is a perfect match! 

Scent: It has a perfume-y smell to it. I can't really put my finger on it but don't worry its not over powering! I actually love how it smells haha! 

lala fox beauty foundation review

Application: I applied this foundation with a really dense brush. I would say its more of a medium coverage that can be built up to be full coverage. Its really creamy and goes over any imperfections without highlighting them. It's moisturizing as well, but not oily. I have oily skin and would recommend this to anyone with oily skin.

Finish: Semi-matte. You will not look shiny but you will have a nice glow. 

Wear: In combination with the primer this lasts all day long! My makeup looks better throughout the day. 

Price: You can purchase yours at Walmart for $10. 

lala fox beauty mascara review

The Mascara

Packaging: Once again, black and sleek with white font. You have the brands logo on one side and the name on the other. 

Color: I wouldn't say it's the blackest of black but its pretty black on the eyes.

The brush: It's not too big nor too small. You can get most of your top lashes with one swipe but it's not too big to get your bottom lashes. 

Application / Formula: It applied really smooth with no clumps. The formula was creamier/more wet than most of my other mascaras I own. 

Wear: There was no clumping or fall out.

Price: $6 - which in drugstore terms it is on the more affordable side. 

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lalafox beauty lipstick review jin

The Lipstick

Packaging: One more time: Black glossy packaging haha! Which I really can't complain I do love it! You can find the name of the lipstick on the top and bottom of the package. And, it seems to contain the average amount of product.

Color: I chose the shade 'Jin' which is a rosy pink with blue undertones.

Scent: Out of everything the lipstick has the strongest scent. It smells like roses to me, almost like a Chanel lipstick. 

Application: The lipstick went on smoothly and it is very pigmented! It has a glossy lipstick so if you're more into the matte look then this is not the lipstick for you.

Wear: It lasted a couple of hours after application.

Price: $6 which is really affordable for a lipstick! 

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this brand. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and can't wait to see what else they have to offer in the future! Their prices are really affordable and it gives you a chance to test out a Korean beauty brand without having to either pay for shipping or drive a long distance to purchase. I live in a small town so having this available at our local Walmart is really convenient! 

Have you tried this brand yet? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by! XO, Vidi! 



They now have a website! or you can purchase their products through !! :D

lalafox beauty