Glossier's Wowder And Cloud Paint Review

I have seen Glossier pop up just about everywhere and decided to give the brand a try. When I went to their page I was drawn to their newer makeup product which is their 'Wowder' finishing powder and their blushes which they call 'cloud paint'. I like how the brand was very sleek and fresh looking along with some really decent pricing. 




Packaging: The 'Wowder' comes in a small jar with 0.25 oz of product. I love the baby pink and the bold 'Wowder' print on the top. Once opened the jar has meshing in the middle where the product comes out and the lid has a what I call a 'stopper' that closes directly onto the mesh part preventing any product fall out and/or mess! 

Color: I chose light/medium thinking it would deposit some color but, honestly it didn't deposit any color making it more of a translucent powder for me. I can't complain though! 

wowder glossier

Application: I purchased the 'Wowder Duo' that comes with a brush and once I applied it to the skin I did notice a difference. My fine lines were blurred! My pores looked the same but I was really glad that it did not emphasize any imperfections. The powder is very fine and felt very smooth. 

Wear: My skin looked flawless all day long! Also, my makeup stayed put all day! This stuff is AMAZING!! 

The Brush: You can choose the buy the wowder with or without the brush and I, of course, chose to purchase it with the brush since it recommends using it. The brush seems to be soft but, I really don't think its all that necessary. I noticed that even when I applied with a regular powder brush I got the same effects. 

wowder brush duo glossier

Price: Like I said I got the 'Wowder Duo' which included the powder and a brush which was $35 for both. Side note: The Wowder itself is $22 and the brush is $20. 


wowder and brush duo glossier

Cloud Paint

Packaging: I was really drawn to this packaging. It looked so sleek but yet so cute and so cool at the same time! I love how the end piece has the color of the blush and the shade name. You get 0.33 oz of product in each tube. 

Color: I chose the shade 'puff' which is more of a baby pink because I wanted that 'natural' blush look.

Application: I love how creamy this product is and how much color pay off you get. It is also so easy to blend and looks really natural on the skin. The product itself is not greasy at all like some other cream blushes I have owned in the past. You can really sheer the product out or build it up as much as you'd like! 

cloud paint in shade puff by glossier review

Wear: This is the first time a blush has every really lasted all day. It looked flawless from the second I put it on to the second I took it off! I am obsessed with these that I'm going back for the rest of the shades haha! 

Price: The blushes are $18 each! Which may seem like much but you seriously need a pea sized amount when applying. 

Have you tried anything from Glossier yet? What do you recommend? 


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wowder and cloud paint glossier product reviews

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