Make Dry Shampoo More Effective

Hello! Today I want to share some HAIR TIPS! Just a fun fact (not mentioned in my 'about me' blogpost) I went to cosmetology school and have a few tips and tricks on hair that I can share you with you and today we're gonna talk about dry shampoo! You see, some of us use dry shampoo wrong or think 'oh! I don't get greasy hair so I don't need dry shampoo!' but there are different uses to dry shampoo than just soaking up the oils on your scalp. Keep reading to find out more...

dry shampoo tips tricks

Use It At Night

Spraying dry shampoo at night will help soak up all of the excess oil leaving you with less greasy hair in the morning. The product will work through the night and when you wake up you can easily run your fingers through your hair and be on your way.


Use Your Fingers

Don't just spray and go. Really get in there with your fingertips and work the product in. By working the product into the scalp you will get more effectiveness. 

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Texture, Volume, Hold

Spray some throughout your hair for added texture. This technique works really well for that 'beachy' look.

Hold your fingers under the hair along your crown and mist some for added volume.

Just like using hairspray for this technique you can use dry shampoo to hold your bobby pins in place. Just spray your bobby pins before inserting into hair. 

how to get the most out of dry shampoo

How To Apply

You want to apply dry shampoo in a more strategic way rather than just spraying and going on with your day/night. Take small sections and spray (holding the can at least 3 inches from the head) into your roots. By taking smaller sections you are sure to cover your whole head and making the dry shampoo more effective. Of course, I suggest using it at night for better results but, wait at least 2-3 minutes before brushing your hair and let the product sink in as much as possible! Also, try to do smaller spritz at a time rather than a constant spray. For some reason this technique helps the product come out of the can a lot better giving you more product with each spritz.

Do you have any techniques you'd like to share? What are you favorite hair products?

Thanks for stopping by! XO, Vidi.

Some of my favorite dry shampoos:


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