Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Lips

I noticed these little guys around the internet and decided to pick some up for myself. Everyone was raving about them so I really wanted to try them. I live in a smaller town in Texas and products seem to come to our stores last haha! So, when they came to our local Walgreens they, of course, flew off the shelves. I had my eyes set on Loyalist and Dreamer. I want to try a bold color but can't decide on which one I would wear the most (I don't like to buy bright colors and only wear them once or twice, I like to get my money's worth lol). I was only able to get my hands on loyalist this time so, keep reading to find out if I would go back for more! :)

maybelline super stay matte ink lip color loyalist



Color: Let me start off with how BEAUTIFUL this color is. It is the perfect nude-y pink shade that goes great with pale skin! Like seriously the best nude lip color I own!

Packaging: I am loving the sleek matte look these have. Super clean and clear. I like how the outside shows the color but without seeing the product. And yes, it is true to color!

Application: The wand picks up the perfect amount and the product just glides over the lips without streaks. The wand has a pointy tip perfect to line the lips with. I don't get product on the outside of my lips like I normally do. The formula is just so buttery and sits right onto the lips. 

maybelline matte ink applicator review

Smell: The smell is not over whelming but it is a sweet cupcake-y smell so, if you're sensitive to smells you may not like this lip product

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The Bad: The only downfall this lip product has is that after a few minutes of applying the formula gets tacky on the lips. But, honestly it only lasts about five minutes and you don't have to worry about that feeling for the rest of the day, literally!! 

maybelline matte liquid lip ink in loyalist

Wear: The name says it all! It is seriously like ink on your lips! This will stay on all day long. I apply this in the morning before work. Eat, drink, wipe my mouth, and by the time I get home I will still have a bit of the product left. Seriously, the best liquid matte lip ever!

Price: You can get them at Walgreens or Ulta for $9.49

I definitely want to try more shades and hope they come out with more! I loved it so much! Have you tried these yet? What are your thoughts? Fave color(s)?

Thanks for stopping by! XO, Vidi