Mineral Fusion Liquid Foundation Review

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Recently I went to a Whole Foods store for the first time and fell in love with all the organic foods available at such great prices. I went down every aisle of that store and when I saw the makeup aisle I knew right away that I wanted to try something out! 

They didn't have a whole lot to choose from but Mineral Fusion stood out the most. I have never heard of the brand. I decided to pick up the foundation and concealer without even looking online for reviews. The price was pretty affordable and I liked the color range of foundations they offered. 



Packaging: The foundation comes in a glass bottle which makes it feel more high end. The words are easy to read and looks very sleek.  You get 1 oz of foundation and it is good for 12 months.

Color: I have a fair complexion so when I saw how light this shade was I knew I had to test it out! Now it's hard to tell if lighter colors oxidize sometimes but I know that the color does not get darker once it's on your face. So it's pretty true to color. What you see is what you get!:) 

Application: The formula is very liquid-y. I will get a drop on my finger and dot it all over my face. I like to use the Urban Studio Contour brush and it buffs the foundation right into the skin. It does not sink into the pores nor accentuate any dry patches!    

Finish: I would say it's semi matte. It leaves your skin looking dewy but not super oily and it dries down throughout the day leaving you more matte.  

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Coverage: It claims to be full but I'd say it's more of a medium coverage. You can use a beauty blender for sheer coverage, medium dense brush for medium coverage, or a super dense foundation brush for full coverage. Either way you use it it is definitely buildable without looking cake-y!!

Wear: I was afraid of it not lasting on the skin throughout the day but boy was I wrong! I tested it with and without powder and it worked fine either way! Like I said previously it will mattify throughout the day.

Cons: The only downfall to this foundation is that it does not have a pump. You, of course, could buy one but I really wish it would come with one! 

Price: You can find it at Whole Foods or online by clicking here for $32.99


THE CONCEALER (quick mention)

So, if you've paid close attention to the pictures you've noticed the concealer being a lot darker and more pink than the foundation. I accidentally picked up the wrong one and since Whole Foods is pretty far from where I live I decided to keep it and test it out. I like to apply some on my under eyes before applying foundation and I really like the formula. It's full coverage, does not dry out the under eyes, and does not crease. Even if I apply it over the foundation I am still able to buff it out and blend it so I don't have such a dark shade under eyes. So, yes I got the wrong color but I definitely love the formula and would recommend it to anyone looking for a concealer! The concealer is $25.99.

Have you tried any Mineral Fusion products? Which ones are your fave?

Thanks for stopping by! XO, Vidi!

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mineral fusion liquid foundation
mineral fusion liquid foundation review
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