How To Get Rid Of Dry Lips

If you suffer from dry lips then you know how much of a struggle it is to get them moisturized and plump on a daily basis! So, today I am going to share some of my favorite tips on how to take care of your lips and possibly prevent chapped lips in the future! Don't forget to share some of your favorite tips with me in the comments :)


Sugar lip scrub

Literally, walk into your kitchen right now and grab some sugar, rub on your lips, and watch the dead skin flake off, then apply some coconut oil or a really thick lip balm treatment like bite beauty's agave lip mask. 


Brush it off

Grab an old toothbrush and massage your lips going in circular motion. This will remove all of the dry skin off your lips and plump them up by bringing blood to the surface.


Use a lip mask

Try to use a lip mask every night before going to bed. You can apply something like bite beauty's agave lip mask or some coconut oil, leave it overnight, wake up with soft lips! Or you can use something fun like The Face Shop Lip Gel Patch. 


how to get rid of dry lips

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Use lip products with moisturizing factors

If you wear lipsticks on the daily then try using some with moisturizing factors like Revlon's Ultra HD Gel Lip Color Or use tinted lip balms like Dior's Color Reviver Balm. Try to avoid any old lip products as well. 


Avoid super hot showers

For some reason when I shower with hot water my lips tend to dry up. So, if thats the case with you then try to avoid super hot showers as possible! 


Stay Hydrated

We all should know this by now! Water is your body and skin's best friend so, drink it up yo! Drinking water will keep your body hydrated therefore keeping your lips plump!



Use a humidifier in your bedroom (or any room you spend a lot of time in) to keep the air moist and prevent dry lips and skin. 


What do you do to get rid of dry lips?

Thanks for stopping by! XO, Vidi <3


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