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Today, I want to share with you how to grow your blogs' traffic. Not only grow your traffic but do it on "autopilot" with BoardBooster!  This tool has helped me grow my blog from 0-1,000 views a month in such a short amount of time! It's insane what $5.00 a month can do for your blog!! 


What can you do with BoardBooster?

Schedule - Spend 30 minutes one day scheduling your blogposts onto pinterest for the whole week. Not only will it upload your scheduled posts but it will do so at the best time for optimal views. Also, it will spread your pins over time to increase your chance of engagement and you won't annoy your followers with the same pins over and over ;) . (you will have to create 'secret boards' in order for BoardBooster to post your pins but, it's so simple to use and easy to follow you will get it in no time!)

Pin Doctor - The BoardBooster pin doctor is seriously a great tool to help clean up your Pinterest account. Let's say you have 100 pins on one board and about 75% of them are 'bad quality' pins or not even relevant to your niche, then the chances of someone finding YOUR pins are pretty slim. This means all broken links, duplicate pins, or even pins with too narrow or too short images will be removed. The Pin Doctor feature helps detect all of those pins and removes them.

Pin Mover - BoardBooster Pin Mover helps your clean up your larger boards by finding pins that match your criteria and moves them to a board you specify. This is all done in one simple click! If you have an overgrown "Blog" board then you can create smaller boards, for example, "Blogging Tips" or "How to Grow Traffic To Your Blog" and use the Pin Mover to move those pins to the new board(s). 

Looping - Looping takes your old posts and re-pins them to the top. This means your older posts get viewed just as much as your newer posts! Your blog will get constant views on all of your posts.

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how to grow my blog with board booster

Is BoardBooster free?

Boardbooster starts off at only $5.00 a month for 500 pins and you can pay $50.00 for 5,000 pins. I would definitely recommend starting off at $5.00 a month and increasing it as your blog grows! If you would like to receive a free trial you can sign up through this LINK.

Referral Program 

BoardBooster has a referral program where $5.00 will be credited to your account per paying customer. So, if you have at least one person a month signing up for a BoardBooster plan then you could basically use it for free!

If you want to help a sister out click HERE to sign up for BoardBooster! ;) Oh, and you can follow me on Pinterest HERE! 


Well, there you have it! Sign up for BoardBooster today and start getting more traffic to your blog on auto pilot! 

Thanks for stopping by! XO Vidi :)

*This post contains referral links. I will be credited $5.00 on BoardBooster per paying customer.

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