How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing (Even Without A Blog)

When we think of affiliate marketing we automatically assume that we need a blog to have affiliate links but that's not true at all. You can become an affiliate and share your links on most social media platforms. 


How affiliate marketing works

Once you have found a good company to become an affiliate with you will need to sign up for their affiliate program. You will then get a unique tracking link AKA affiliate link which you will then promote the affiliate link on the internet, wether it be your blog, pinterest or any social media site you would like. Finally, you will get a commission off of clicks or buys. 

how to make money with affiliate marketing


Affiliate links on blogs

When using affiliate marketing on blogs you direct the reader to another site where they can view/purchase the product. Sometimes you can get paid per click and/or by the reader purchasing the product.  Examples of affiliate links I have shared on my blog are: ThriveMarket. 

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Affiliate marketing without a blog  

I use shopstyle collective and they allow me to pin products on Pinterest without having to share it on my blog. All I do is share the product and when someone clicks on it I get a small commission but when someone buys the product I get a small percentage of the sale. There are many companies out there that offer affiliate links but since shopstyle offers fashion and beauty (main topics on my blog) I tend to stick with them. Amazon is another great company to become an affiliate with because they offer almost everything! 


affiliate marketing

Referral links

I like to think of referral links as affiliate links because you're offering your input on something and when someone uses your referral link you get paid for it.  For example, Ebates is a company that offers referral links. 

make extra money with affiliate marketing


All of these are great ways to make money even while you sleep! Or even when you're traveling!! How great is that?! All you have to do is do a bit of research and find the companies you would like to work with and start promoting those links! 

Thanks for stopping by! Xo, Vidi