Ways To Save Money Shopping Online


I have to admit that I love to shop but I am also a broke girl! haha! So, today I want to share with you how to save money while shopping online.


Google discount codes

This one is the most obvious but seriously, some of us forget to do a quick Google check for promos and coupons. 


Shop, add, and leave

What I mean by this is that you'll want to add items to your cart then leave the page. Some retailers will send you an email 'reminding' you of the items you left in your cart along with that email they will sometimes include a discount code. This one doesn't work 100% of the time and you also need to have an account with that certain retailer for it to work.


Pro Discounts

Many makeup brands offer a pro discount to those who qualify for it. Some brands ask you to pay a yearly fee and some are completely free to join. All you have to do is submit an application. Some brands offer 40% off which is insane!(Tarte Cosmetics is one of them).

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Sign up for memberships

A lot of stores now offer memberships at a small cost. Once signed up you get a certain amount off your total or per item. I love to do a lot of my shopping online and that includes food items. For example, I like to use Thrive Market to buy organic items at a discounted rate. 


Subscribe for newsletters

If you don't mind being flooded with emails then sign up for as many newsletters as possible. This is probably the quickest way to find out about new deals and discount codes to your favorite stores. Some stores even send better deals to customers who shop more at their online store.



This isn't a 'saving money' tip per say but, technically you're getting money back and so that's kinda like saving money right?? haha. Ebates is a great tool to use while shopping online. It's also fairly easy to use: you go to Ebates' website, click on the store you want to shop at, shop away, then you get money back. Every store offers different percents of cash backs so you'll have to check and see how much a store is offering at that time.  


Timing is everything

This one is perfect if you have the patience to wait until that item goes on sale. Most items will go on sale within a couple of months of coming out or when a new season is coming up. But, I'll admit this one is a little tricky because if you have your eye on a certain item and wait for it to go on sale you run the chances of it being sold out in your size.

Hope you learned some new ways to save money online! If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments section :)

Thanks for stopping by! XO, Vidi

ways to save money shopping online